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           Tasha Davis 

Managing Partner / Executive Event Producer

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  1. Cooking  Class
    Cooking Class
    Learn to cook like a pro from local professional chefs . Hands on Experience
  2. Yoga in the Park
    Yoga in the Park
    Start your day with yoga in the park. Bring your mat and open your mind to relaxation. All ages and skill levels are welcome
  3. Learn To Dance Salsa
    Learn To Dance Salsa
    Our mission is to share our passion for self-expression and dance by creating an environment that fosters fun, fitness, and learning through latin dance for all people from all backgrounds. Ready to meet new and exciting people, relieve stress, and exercise while learning how to dance? This is the class for you.
  4. Singles kayaking
    MAY 22 2017
    Singles kayaking
    Row your way to love. 10 stops 10 new potential dates. There is no other way to get to know someone than to work in sync to get to the destination. All supplies and safety equipment is included in fee.
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Have an event or event idea? Let us help!
We are a full service marketing and promotions company with offices in over 8 states.

We have event producers and marketing professionals in house with the knowledge and tools need to make your event Stir.

We can assist with all areas of event planning from cultivating your ideal to the finale of your event.  We can assist with Location Scouting, Online, TV, Radio and Street marketing, permitting, graphic and print design, booking and sales management and event staffing.

Stirring up the community is our passion. Allow our passion to help you.  
Stir Orlando is a event producer, manager, and creater of community based events.
that meet the needs of clients by providing them with customized solutions at industry events. We place ourselves ahead of the rest using strategy and operational consulting event communication.

We organize events that strengthen and enrich the relationship with your audience through dialogue and exchange. Networking along with communication are qualities in the heart of Stir when it comes to working with you. In everyday life, we strive to make things easier and save you time with a relationship based on listening and understanding your challenges and sharing your level of demand and confidence.
Stir Orlando was created to share adventures and activities designed to engage the community.

Our mission is to be a positive member to our community and to provide services, events, and classes that Stir up Fun, Creativity, Adventure and Progression.

We specialize in events that enrich and promote life from cooking and mixology, Painting, Gardening, Yoga and Wellness classes.

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